Second L-39 in phase in

Who hasn’t dreamed of flying into Space and seeing the Earth as a blue sphere !?

Air Dreams grows to 2 splendid L39 Cs, adding the YL-KSS to its fleet.

Flight Aerospace Training Academy is one of the four departments that make up Air Dreams.
Thanks to the two founders, Cpt. Valter Sciuba and CEO Rossano De Luca, the privilege of flying into Space is no longer reserved exclusively for astronauts from American, Russian, European and Chinese space agencies or for the few millionaires who could shell out “astronomical” sums to pay the training and the journey among the stars.

Now the followers of Air Dreams, the European Aerospace Training Center, will be able to experience the thrill of a unique experience, joining the lineup of these privileged.

Soon, Air Dreams, through its Jet Team Blue Eagles, will open the doors of aeronautical culture to an exclusive experiential initiative.

Follow Team Blueagles and you will understand how to become part of this fantastic World of Aviation.

Air Dreams makes your future present!

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