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BAROmetric Vertical NAVigation

Barometric Vertical Navigation (Baro-VNAV) is an Instrument Approach Procedure utilising lateral and vertical guidance.

This capability of GNSS enhances the integrity and safety for GNSS approaches and may support lower approach minima’s (DA – Decision Altitudes), as low as 250ft height above touch down (HAT). The approach angle is nominally 3° with vertical descent guidance, obstacle clearance is provided to allow a momentary descent below the decision altitude (DA) while transitioning from the final approach segment to the missed approach. All Baro-VNAV Procedures are subject to minimum aerodrome temperature limitations. Baro-VNAV Operations will help eliminate controlled flight into terrain accidents (CFIT), especially during bad weather approaches and landings. All Baro-VNAV approaches will require specific aircraft equipment and aircrew training.

Blending Baro-VNAV with RNAV and RNP-AR procedures are a cost effective procedure design solution when ILS is not available.

Source: Barometric Vertical Navigation (Baro-VNAV) | Global Airspace Solutions

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