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Ente Nazionale per l’Assistenza al Volo

ENAV S.p.A. is an Italian company owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finances and managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, through ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority. Together with the Italian Air Force, the company is responsible for the provision of air traffic services (ATS) and other air navigation services in Italy. As an air navigation service provider (ANSP) it is responsible for the provision of air traffic control service (ATCS), flight information service (FIS), aeronautical information service (AIS), and issuing of weather forecasts for the airports and the airspace under its responsibility. The company name ENAV was the former name of the public agency, acronym for “Ente Nazionale Assistenza al Volo”. In 2001 the agency ENAV was transformed in ENAV S.p.A., a company owned by the Italian Treasury.


Source: ENAV – Wikipedia

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