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Helicopter approach path indicator

Visual approach slope indicator provided to serve the approach to a heliport or helipad when at least one of the following conditions exists:

  • Obstacle clearance, noise or traffic control procedures require a particular direction to be flown
  • The environment of the heliport provides few visual surface cues
  • It is physically impractical to install an approach lighting system
  • The characteristics of the helicopter require a stabilized approach

The Indicator should be located such that a helicopter is guided to the desired point in the F.A.T.O or the T.L.O.F and so as
to avoid dazzling the pilots during the final approach.

The equipment shall be frangible and mounted as low as possible.

The HAPI system comprises a one unit light box, which generates four distinct luminous beams, from the top to the

  • Flashing green
  • Fixed green
  • Fixed red
  • Flashing red

These four sectors indicate to the pilot his position in relation to the
preferred approach slope.

HAPI_Helicopter Approach Path Indicator

The HAPI device can be installed on the left or behind the F.A.T.O., aligned on the preferred approach axis
and adjusted on site to the required slope angle (maximum angle = 12° or 21,25%).

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