Part 147 M.T.O.A. (Maintenance Training Organisation Approval) is the European standard for the approval of maintenance training organisations and it has two parts; basic training and aircraft type rating training. The basic training covers requirements for the issue of a Part 66 aircraft maintenance licence, while aircraft type rating training permits to actually operate on the type aircraft.

EASA Continuing Airworthiness Regulation, 1321/2014, is mainly composed by two parts:

  • Part 147
  • Part 66
easa part 66 ame

Part 147 regulates the approval of maintenance training organisations, while Part 66 regulates Certifying Staff. Knowing how to construct your Maintenance Training Organisation Exposition and to write and control training material that meets regulatory requirements is fundamental to maintaining your approval.


Air Dreams will be offering AME training in 11 EASA basic training licence categories:

  • A: for Technicians with the privilege to operate
    • A1: on Turbine engine Aeroplane
    • A2: on Piston engine Aeroplane
    • A3: on Turbine engine Helicopter
    • A4: on Piston engine Helicopter
  • B1: for Mechanics with the privilege to operate
    • B1.1: on Turbine engine Aeroplane
    • B1.2: on Piston engine Aeroplane
    • B1.3: on Turbine engine Helicopter
    • B1.4: on Piston engine Helicopter
  • B2: for Avionics Category
  • B3: for Technicians with the privilege to operate on Piston engine non-pressurised aeroplanes of 2 000 kg MTOM and below