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Air Training is the easiest way to discover a new way of learning and building your future.

Our platform arises from the need to improve the training process inside and outside the company, to optimize costs, times, and results, without being limited by physical presence.

Air Training sets itself the training objectives for the issue of licenses, refresh of already qualified personnel, and control of the performance and quality of internal personnel.

The platform is easy to use and set up, and there is the possibility of delivering theoretical courses without full-time deployment of the instructor, while still allowing control over the frequency and the quality of the received training. In fact, the instructor and the course manager can monitor all students, as well as the student, can see his/her data.
There is also an active control on the performance of those taking the course, for example by carrying out simple, but targeted and engaging, one-off preparatory tests to assess whether the student is actually following the course.
You can check all the answers to the questions by simply clicking on a dedicated button.

Air Training develops its own LMS through the Moodle platform.

Air Dreams is not currently authorized to issue certificates recognized by the authorities, but thanks to the presence of highly qualified personnel and our platform, we can provide all the necessary tools for complete and quality training in the aviation sector, while remaining in the areas defined by the responsibilities and the customer management system (subcontracting).