Article published on Il Resto del Carlino: Mascherine, priorità ad anziani e disabili

by Paolo Rosato

Under the towers: in the postbox in the middle of next week for the more fragile; collection from the pharmacy from Tuesday. Marconi, maxi delivery from China.

Of the 175 thousand surgical masks sent to the city by the Region, 75 thousand will be delivered from the middle of next week (between Wednesday and Thursday) “directly to the most fragile people in the community, as indicated by the guidelines sent to the municipalities by the regional ANCI”.

Palazzo d’Accursio finally gave news yesterday of the number and methods in which the masks will be delivered in Bologna. Recipients are the elderly over 75, followed by the monitoring plan for the elderly in solitude (MAIS), and people with disabilities.
Delivery will also be made in Bologna largely through the postbox, with sealed envelopes and packages. The remainder will be delivered through the various associations that deal with the disabled.

Meanwhile, last night a plane landed at Marconi another massive stock of masks directly from China.

The other 100,000 masks, on the other hand, will be distributed by pharmacies starting from Tuesday. There are 125 pharmacies in the city, so each one will have 800 masks. The Municipality explains that it has asked for their collaboration through the trade associations

because only the professionalism and the capillarity of the pharmacies can ensure compliance with the hygiene and health regulations in packaging and distribution.

Each pharmacy

will organize its distribution according to time slots and with dedicated files .

Meanwhile, Mayor Virginio Merola has asked the government to take the necessary measures so that Italy can be self-sufficient in the production of masks:

The devices are 175 thousand – he said – and the residents of Bologna instead 390 thousand.

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