Article published on JP4 (October, 2021)

The monthly magazine JP4 talks about the outlines we are developing in the context of our Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros fleet.

They define us as an aerobatic team. Actually, we are much more and only time will allow us to reveal all the projects we are developing around these aircraft.

Below is the article:

On the 16th of August, the first aircraft arrived in Ancona, the Aero L-39, mark YL-KSJ, of Air Dreams which, based in Gallarate (Varese) and correspondents in Lebanon, Great Britain, Belgium, Russia, Bahrain and Hong Kong, offers a wide range of highly professional services in the field of civil and military aviation, starting from training courses.

The new fleet, a division of Air Dreams, will be called Blueagles and will consist of two L-39s, with the second, mark YL-KSS, arriving in October. On the plane, there is the emblem of F.A.T.A., Flight Attacker Training Academy, but the acronym could be seen as “Flight Aerospace Training Academy”, another division of Air Dreams that will carry out other activities, yet to be announced.

Under the direction of CEO Rossano Diego De Luca, Air Dreams employs a team with decades of experience in the aviation sector and owns collaborations with prestigious national and international companies.

Air Dreams – states De Luca – aims to define new training standards, breaking away from the cliché of the traditional model, offering practical and well-structured programs, which allow aviation personnel, experts or entry-level, to improve their skills towards an advance in their working career.

Air Dreams, in this regard, has created an online training platform and offers the best training courses also through the Giustino Fortunato University, whereby is a collaboration agreement in place.

Confirming the quality of the services offered, CEO De Luca underlines that “among other collaborations in place, Air Dreams has been qualified to participate in Leonardo’s calls by invitation, to which we provide instructors for the processing and management of composite materials in use at civil industry for the fixed and rotating wing.

In the photos: the L-39 parked and landing in Ancona.

Left view of L39

Link to magazine: JP4 Mensile di Aeronautica e Spazio (

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